Save $$$ by Recycling

The Green Bag Bargain

 (No kidding. Save real money right away!)


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You can save over $100 a year by using the “pay as you throw” option from Waste Management.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Call Waste Management at 1-800-869-5566, to tell them you want the “pay as you throw” option. Your bill will go from $54.58 per quarter to $6.94 per quarter.
  2. Go to the Hershey Library, Recreation Center, Granada Gym, Municipal Building or Recycling Center and buy a few bright green plastic trash bags for $4.50 each. They are really big bags!
  3. Recycle and compost everything you can. You won’t save any money if you skip this step. So every week put all your cans, bottles, newspapers, magazines, plastic containers (numbers 1-7), cereal boxes and pizza boxes in your recycling container. It’s OK to mix it all up; you don’t have to separate, bag or bind anything.
  4. Compost your banana peels, egg shells, etc.
  5. So now you’re left with trash from the kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom, living room, etc. Since a lot of it may be used paper towels, tissues and food waste, you might want to take the bags out of the trash cans and press on them to make them smaller. Be very careful and beware of sharp objects; never take a chance with compacting trash!
  6. Put your household trash in one of the big green trash bags. Depending on how much trash you produce and how much you recycle, you could get as much as a month of regular household trash into one green bag.
  7. When the green bag is filled, put it out with the regular trash to be picked up by the trash company, Waste Management. They may remove your regular trash bin after you start using the green bags.

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Learn more about recycling     DerryGreen Pamphlet on Recycling

DerryGreen Pamphlet on Pay As You Throw    Waste Matters in Derry Township

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