Get Involved

Planting Trees in April

The Derry Environmental Action Committee is a group of neighbors and friends in Derry Township who recognize the need to preserve the natural surroundings in Hershey that make this community unique. You can help! And you don’t need any special skills or knowledge, just a passion for maintaining and improving the quality of life for the families in our special town.

Come to a Meeting

Come to our meetings the third Saturday of the month at the Hershey Public Library.  During the summer we meet from 1-3 pm, during the rest of the year, from 3-5 pm. There’s no Roberts Rules of Order, no committee reports, no PowerPoint presentations; just a few neighbors sitting around a table.

Help With Tree Planting

We really need you!  Through our TreeVitalize grant, we have planted 50+ trees every year since 2011!  Community volunteers sign up to help with these events (spring and fall), and we couldn’t do it without them!  Contact Chuck Gassert to help:  717-566-5058.

Help out at the Monarch Way Station and Pollinator Garden!

We really need you!  Several community partners, including the Milton Hershey Trust, Penn State Extension, Good’s Tree Service, among others, have worked tirelessly to make our official Monarch Way Station a reality.  But we can’t do it alone.  It requires constant care.  Come out and meet your neighbors!  Scouts, get your service hours!  This is a win-win for all.  Help us out for one hour, or all season!  Call or text Trish Foster at 717-903-6897.


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