Flood of 2011

Rescue on Chocolate Avenue - Thank You to Our Heroic Emergency Repsonders!

From Crisis to Prevention

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The Derry Environmental Action Committee prepared a report (along with an accompanying PowerPoint presentation) for the Derry Township Board of Supervisors listing 14 recommendations for no-cost, long-term, positive actions the township can take right now to help prevent some of the damage from stormwater.

From Crisis to Prevention: The Presentation

From Crisis to Prevention:  The Report

The Fury of Mother Nature

The Flood of 2011 left basements flooded with sewage and dirty water.  As of September 13th, it was reported that 17 homes were condemned and 34 deemed uninhabitable.  The township’s emergency response center along Hersheypark Drive was underwater. Emergency responders were taxed to the limit.  Roads were closed and badly damaged.  Hersheypark and many other local businesses were closed.  It happened in September 2011 and in 1972, when Tropical Storm Lee and Hurricane Agnes exceeded “100 year flood” expectations.  It happened five other times since 1972, when storms exceeded “50 year flood” expectations.  It’s all too familiar, and it’s getting worse.  We can blame climate change, politicians, or too many accumulated impervious variances, or just plain bad luck.  Pointing fingers at each other does not make us safer.  Linking arms and marching towards affordable common-sense solutions will help mitigate this environmental challenge.  See our recommendations above.

Click through a slideshow of photos from the Flood of 2011 to appreciate the environmental challenge we all faced.

Learn more about controlling stormwater damage.


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