Tree Flyer for Web 2014


  1. The following trees are anticipated to be available in the Spring of 2017:
    • Large Trees (50′ or more): Red Maple (Red Point), Sycamore, Swamp White Oak, Sterling Silver Linden, Honey Locust, Homestead Elm, Red Oak
    • Medium Trees (30′ to 50′): American Hornbeam, Pacific Sunset, Sugar Maple, Black Gum (Tupelo)
    • Small Trees (under 30′): Flowering Cherry, Hedge Maple, Crabapple (Prairie Fire)
  2. Complete the Property Owner Tree Request Form and return it in person or by mail to the Derry Township Administration Building at 600 Clearwater Road, Hershey, PA 17033 (off Hersheypark Dr.).  Unlike previous years, we are not asking for an upfront payment at this time because of the uncertainty of our TreeVitalize Grant Request being funded.  If the Grant Request is funded, all those who request trees will be contacted at that time and payment of $40.00 per tree would be required.  You can request either one or two trees.  The deadline for submitting the Tree Request form is August 5, 2016.
  3. Even if the Derry Township/DEAC grant request is funded, the amount awarded may be less than the requested amount.  In this case, not all applicants may get a subsidized tree.  Priority will be given first to those who requested a tree last year, but did not get it, due to DCNR not having the TreeVitalize grant program.  Additional homeowners who apply for a tree(s) for the first time this year, would still have the option to pay full cost of the tree, if grant monies do not cover the cost.  DEAC will still plant the tree.  Costs are in the $110 – $140 range for a tree of 2″ to 2.5″ caliper, height 10 – 12′.
  4. When selecting the site for your tree, please remember the tree must be:
    • Between the sidewalk and street or, if you don’t have sidewalks, within 8 feet of the street;
    • 20 feet or more away from a street intersection;
    • 10 feet or more from a fire hydrant, street light, traffic sign, or utility pole;
    • Not on top of stumps of old trees that have been removed;
    • Not on the property line;
    • Not on top of utility lines; and
    • New trees cannot be planted within 20 feet of another new street tree or an existing street tree
  5. After receiving the completed Tree Request Form, our tree representatives will visit your proposed tree location to determine whether the site is appropriate.
    • You do not need to be home for this visit.
    • If the tree representatives believe that a change of location is necessary, perhaps to avoid a conflict with a utility line or to suggest a better suited species, they will give you a call.
  6. In March or April, 2017, we will place a small flag at the location of your tree, then PA One Call, a free utility service, will inspect your tree location and mark areas with underground wires and pipes, so we don’t dig there.  A representative of Derry Township will call PA One Call.
  7. If you have any questions about any of this when you are filling out your Tree Request Form, please call Chuck Gassert, our TreeVitalize Program Coordinator, at (717) 566-5058.
  8. If our TreeVitalize Grant is approved, we will contact all those who requested trees to make a $40.00 payment per tree payable to the Township of Derry and to send the check to the same address as the Tree Request Form.
  9. After the TreeVitalize trees are planted, the care and maintenance of the trees become the responsibility of the property owner.  This includes frequent watering.  It is recommended that for the first growing season, the tree be given 10-20 gallons of water per week.  Depending on precipitaiton, some watering may also have to be done the second year as well.  Also, it is recommended that 2″ to 3″ of mulch be maintained around the tree (but not against the trunk) for several reasons:  to keep mowers and weed trimmers from damaging the trunk, to discourage weeds, and to retain moisture.  The trees may also need occasional pruning as they grow.  Keep in mind the requirements for branch heights over adjacent sidewalks and streets.

Learn more about the TreeVitalize Program and Pennsylvania trees. Complete this tree request form tree request form to get a tree.

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